Online training with proven success

While many organisations are now scrambling to offer online services to their clients, we have been doing this, and doing it with proven success for several years.

We offer multiple platform choices that are fully interactive and include training tools from whiteboards to breakout rooms.

Why is our training so successful?

Successful online training

To create truly engaging online training programs, you need more than a computer screen with people talking over each other.

Our online programs are successful because:

We love our content

We live and breathe accounting software training. This makes our programs instantly engaging for our clients. Never taught by ‘rote’ our clients benefit from our experience and passion.

Our course content is always in high demand

We online train with the world’s best accounting software making our services high demand.

We offer compelling course outcomes

We provide clear course objective and anticipated outcomes which means higher engagement, competition and satisfaction rates.

We are very selective with our content

For several years we have been refining our course content to ensure it is market, technology and industry current and indeed, relevant.

We structure modules and train to suit each client’s needs

One size never fits all. Our clients, their industry and their needs are always different, so we strive to tailor our courses to crate differentiated, highly productive outcomes.

Our course delivery is always professional

Alee Cochrane, our primary trainer, has over 20 years conducting both online and face to face accounting software courses. Never settle for less.

Our courses are cost effective

We understand companies are budget conscious – often more so with training resources. Our courses and their delivery are priced to be flexible to your needs.

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