Our goal is to give you financial independence

Founded in 1995, Computer Training Solutions (CTS) brings multilevel corporate and financial training experience to small business and multi-national enterprises ensuring they have insight, knowledge and clarity over their financial outcomes.

Since commencing training services, we have worked in close consultation with small, medium and national organisations across construction, digital media, franchise operations, manufacturing and recruitment to name but a few.

We are practical

Beyond the theoretical, we bring real world, market driven training solutions to our clients. Tempered by genuine and extensive corporate experience as well as our industry leading qualifications, we are positioned to provide training and coaching services that are functional, not simply theoretical.

For operational certainty and indeed, peace of mind for our clients, we bring a wealth of practical experience to ensure we meet your company and compliance needs.

We are consultative

We see little value in simply speaking ‘at’ our clients in training and coaching sessions. Our consultative approach is interactive ensuring participants are engaged and the content highly relevant to their situation.

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